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What is Virtual Trading Credit System?
V.T.C.S is a diverse B2B trading system which offers trading opportunities to companies and individuals who have bright vision but have not got enough capital for bulk trading.Now and give to all companies and individual such a bulk trading opportunity.

Virtual trading credit system which offer Virtual trading credit from $10K to $1 Million for wholesale companies and individuals to buy & sell on and allows wholesalers only Buy and sell on own websites( & If Credit approved from or and try to sell on other trading platforms without authorization of Dkfon and it’s affiliates,Dkfon have right to cancel V.T.C.S agreement prior ending period and loose V.T.C.S Activation fee. They allowed to buy and sell on and and from their value members as much as their V.T.C.S limit enough

Who can sell on & ?
All V.T.C.S members can buy and sell mobile phones,computers,parts,hdd,cpu,ram,consumer electronics more retail and wholesale on & platforms

Who qualify for V.T.C.S Credit ?
All companies and individuals paid VTC Membership activation fee qualify V.T.C.S Credits for trading on Dkfon and .VTCS members who violate VTC rules and regulations will be terminated and barred forever.

How much do I qualify VTC Credit ?
You will decide how much you need and pay for VTC Membership activation fee.Please check Virtual Trading Credit on front page of and

How we receive payments ? receive payments on behalf of all VTCS members and hold untill products delivered to Warehouses. After products delivered to Dkfon warehouses,we pass Money to sellers VTCS account .Finally Money in VTCS account and goods in Dkfon warehouses and Exchange Money to seller ACC and goods to buyer’s VTCS ACC.After all of above Works DKFON.COM charge buyer and seller only %1,5 transaction fee.
Note: and running by Media Market LLC, USA and receive Money into USA account or USA PayPal account.Pay Pal fee apply %4 ( check paypal)

Whats the VTCS Credit Limits ? & offer VTCS credits from $10,000 Minimum and $1,000,000 Million maximum and to activate your V.T.C.S Credit you must pay $250 annually for $10,000 and $8000 for $1 Million activation fee.Pplease check Virtual Credit System for more details.

When V.T.C.S Credit agreement ends?
All Credit agreements ends 365 days later and restart if they do not inform for extension or cancellation of VTC Agreement and Pay Pal will charge their account automaticly and warn you prior payment confirmation.

Can I withdraw credit to my bank account after approval ?
No you can not withdraw approved VTCS credit to your bank account and its only for trading on platforms and you can only withdraw your profits to your bank or Pay Pal account

How V.T.C.S Members get their profit ?
As soon as V.T.C.S members sold any products,Dkfon will calculate all profits and inform to sellers and ask do you want to keep in account or wire to your bank or Pay Pal account?
Not: Money received from Pay Pal account and send back to Pay Pal account and Money receipt from bank account and will be sent to bank account only .

Returns and refunds : If any VTCS members encountered any fraud,scam,non delivery,wrong delivery,fake delivery will be compansated %100 asap but if they encountered such scamming out of and platforms out of refunds and return policy.Therefore we insist to all VTCS members keep trading on our platforms( & only.

Cancellation of V.T.C.S Membership
If any of VTCS Members cancell VTCS membership we charge %15 restocking & cancellation fee and therefore please think carefully before VTCS membership activation.This terms apply to all companies and individuals.

If you confirm all of above rules and regulations about VTCS please go ahead and apply for VTCS Membership account and pay for activation fee.
If you paid VTCS membership activation fee by Pay Pal that means you accepted above rules and regulations

Any disputes arising out of or relating to the Terms, the Privacy Policy, use of our website, or our products or services offered on our website will be resolved in accordance with the laws of= the Province of [Wyoming USA] without regard to its conflict of law rules. Any disputes, actions or proceedings relating to the Terms or your access to or use of our website must be brought before the courts of the Province of [Wyoming USA] in the City of [Sheridan],[Wyoming] and you irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such courts.
V.T.C.S System invented and developed by Mr.D.Kilinc for use of world’s commercial market to create equal opportunity all companies and individuals.

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