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About Mediamarketus.com
Mediamarketus.com is one of the world’s largest online B2C, B2B marketplaces, connecting millions of suppliers and buyers,wholesalers,distributors,manufacturers worldwide. Since 1999, Mediamarketus.com has been facilitating global trade opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Through its leading technology and expertise in international trade, it has achieved international recognition and trust in the global business community.
Today Mediamarketus.com has over 500 000 member companies, 2 000 000 million products, 250 000 buyers in its database, and millions of monthly visitors. And it is still growing.

Mediamarketus.com Overview
Mediamarketus.com started in 1999 as an online trade board of the DATA MARKET Hong Kong International Trade Organization (ITO). In 2005. was spun off from ITO. Since then, Mediamarketus.com has provided local small-and-medium-sized export companies with a comprehensive range of trade support services and global business opportunities.
Mediamarketus.com, the largest overseas marketing company for SMEs in USA,CA,UK,UAE Dubai,Europe,Turkey, offers a range of marketing services such as global market research, on/offline overseas marketing, trade education programs and overseas cooperation. The company also operates the Global Gateway Programme, a business cooperation program funded and managed by the USA company.
In particular Mediamarketus.com online marketing expertise make it a leader in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertisements, and social media marketing.
Mediamarketus.com marketplace facilitates global trade for export/import companies of all sizes and nations. Since its premium services launched in 1999, Mediamarketus.com has supported premium members through its offices and agencies in USA,CA,UK,EU,Africa,SA,China, India,UAE Dubai,Hong Kong,Singapore Russia and Malaysia,Indonasia and Turkey.

Specialties & Business Types (Fields)

-Online Multi-Store and E-Commerce
– Global B2B Marketplace
-Global Multivendor Markeplace
-Global B2C Marketplace
– Global Buyer Sourcing
– Online Marketing – SMM (Social Media Marketing)
– SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
– International Market Research
– Trade Consulting & Education
– Overseas Trade Missions
– Tradeshow Promotion
– Website Development

Mediamarketus.com’s Vision
Our main ideology is Making a flourishing marketplace with companies all over the world. In the next decade and beyond, we pledge to do our utmost to create a flourishing global B2B,B2C marketplace where your business can prosper as a global marketing navigator.

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