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Edmonds Community College Lynnwood, WA


Edmonds College is defined by our drive to innovate. Located north of Seattle,
close to vibrant neighborhoods and bustling industry, Edmonds provides a
unique on-campus student experience while also striving to meet the
needs of students from all backgrounds and serving our community partners.

Edmonds empowers students with the skills, support, and confidence for success.
High schoolers to retirees — and everyone in between — can choose
from hundreds of two- and four-year degree options, certificates,
and programs for learners from all stages of life.
Whether you’re looking to gain new workplace skills,
transfer to a four-year university or open a fresh chapter in your life, you belong at Edmonds.

We are excited that you are considering enrolling at Edmonds College. Whether you need help applying or discovering how to make your college experience more affordable, we have resources available to help chart your path to success.

We’re committed to your success — inside and outside the classroom. Connect here with your advisor or a tutor. Check out our counseling and wellness resources. Learn about essential services such as on-campus housing, our food pantry, and funding to help weather an unexpected emergency.

Get involved in student government, join a club, work out in our gym, tend to our community garden, relax in our game room, meet with friends at one of our cafes, and more.

Edmonds College
20000 68th Ave. W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
TEL:425.640.1459 (voice)
TEL:425.243.0867 (text)

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