Employer Advice dedicated employer guidance on employment matters, Media Market LLC

Employer Advice dedicated employer guidance on employment matters


Employer Advice is a dedicated employer resource with around-the-clock guidance on employment matters.
We are the alternative solution to an in-house human resources team, providing small- to medium-sized businesses with complete HR support.

Our expertise covers human resources, employee management questions, legal assistance, and health and safety. At Employer Advice,
we’re commited the success of your business.

Our Story
Employer Advice comes from four decades of success as an extension of Peninsula, a trusted business advisor providing resources for HR. We are in the business of building partnerships with small- and medium-sized companies, to provide on-call, on-site, and on-demand employer support.

Since 1983, Peninsula has been the go-to employer resource for HR and employment advice. To date, Peninsula has established over 120,000 partnerships worldwide, across a wide range of sectors and industries. We enable small businesses to benefit from the same expertise that bigger organizations have in place. Helping your enterprise grow and succeed is our business model.

Big Company Backup for Small Businesses
When you run a small business or start-up, time is your most precious resource. You need to concentrate on your business and the things that made you set up in the first place. No one sets up a business to spend their time learning about legal rules and regulations or making sure their policies are up-to-date. Nobody except us, that is.

Peninsula started as a small business to help employers understand their HR, employment relations and health and safety obligations. Today, our business consultancy services have expanded to cover all areas of HR, employer advice, health and safety, legal assistance, and employee training to support you with professional big company backup that’s right at your fingertips.

We are in the Business of You.
Employer Advice is your go-to resource for HR and employment-related advice. We are your team of specialists, and we’re here to support you with HR best practices and practical action that makes sense for your business.

If you are looking for health and safety guidance to help navigate the regulations and legislation that impact small businesses, please get in touch with our partner company, Health and Safety Help.

Like we said, we’ve got you covered.

Access to a Vast Knowledge Database
Ask us a question! With Employer Advices’s complimentary employer advice line, you can speak with our team of experts about anything related to human resources and employee management. Just call 1-647-696-8195.


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