Frequently asked questions

Can I post Ads without registration?
You need to follow very simple registration process with your email and password for verification
purpose then you can start posting unlimited ads and after verification you just write posting ads subject and description only.

Post Free Ad

Is there any B2B posting fee?
there is not any B2B ads posting service fee and free forever without limitation
above all post unlimited B2B ads

Can I share my ads with social media,linkedin,twitter,whatsapp and whatsapp groups?
After posting your ads you will see addto links of social media links and whatsapp .click on social media button it will divert you social media website then just follow links and add to any social media websites

B2C Online Store Vendor Membership Types:
Click to following link and sign up for Online vendor Store account

Vendor Registration


a) Trial Membership : 365 days free trial account
Open Online Store & Post B2B Ads Free
Publish free ads and sell 100 products in your store account

a) Silver Store membership: $999 for 365 days
Open Online Store & Post B2B Ads Free
Publish free ads and sell 2500 products in your store account

a) Gold Store membership : $1250 for 365 days
Open Online Store & Post B2B Ads Free
Publish free ads and sell 5000 products in your store account

c)Premium Membership : $1499 for  365 Day(s)
Open Online Store & Post B2B Ads Free
Publish free ads and sell 10000 products in your store account

Learn more about store accounts

Vendor Membership

Can I subscribe store account without payment ?
Yes you can subscribe without payment.

You can subscribe for online store account without any advance payment and open your online shop and sell online globally and accept payment by Stripe,paypal,Credit card,bank transfer,bitcoun.


Who can open online store?
Traders,wholesalers,distributors,manufacturers can open online store and sell globally by online and offline payments but we
recommend online payment gateways such as paypal,stripe etc.

How we protect buyers ?
We recommend buyers subscibe for Media Market security services such as pick up,escrow,inspection to protect their transactions for bulk orders and if you do not order Media Market services please make payment by PayPal,stripe etc..

Comments: if you completed transaction with seller successfully please leave comment about your experience with seller and if you have any other problems please let us know so that we block and close sellers account.

Can I register on Media Market without a company?

Yes, private individuals can also create an account on Mediamarketus.com. However, please note that a small part of our wholesalers sell goods only to companies. Moreover, in order to sell on Mediamarketus.com you must have an active business.

How can I make a purchase on Media Market ?

To buy on Media Market, you need to create an account Free or Premium account pay a registration fee. After payment, your account will be activated and you will get access to the contact details of the sellers.
You can buy in small quantity or bulk with PayPal payment ,Credit Card or Bank wire.

How Media Market Escrow payment account works?
For buyer and seller security all payment go to Media Market accounts to PayPal or Bank account and we hold money until seller ship goods to buyer and as soon as buyer receive and confirm goods condition we pay to seller’s account PayPal or Bank account.

Are the sellers verified and are the goods authentic?

Before publishing their offers, each wholesaler undergoes a verification procedure. Such verification aims to increase your security during transactions. In addition, we also verify offers on branded products to confirm the authenticity and origin of such goods and above all whether buyer verified or not.We hold payment untill seller ship to buyer and wait buyers verification and if goods shipped is not as offered or described we refund money to buyer and charger seller %25 restocking fee or compensation fee.

Where is the warehouse located?

Media Market LLC does not sell the goods displayed on the site. It is done by the sellers, who are verified wholesalers. The addresses of their warehouses are published in their company profiles, and these are available after registration and payment for the account.

How media market “banner advertisement: works?
If you want to better exposure of your company name,banner and logo we show your banner at frontpage,side bars or footer area which will drive all traffic to your website or company and increase your sales % 50,

How media market “link advertisement” works?
Media Market offer Link advertisement option as well which insert your company name and links under the each post and product items in every available pages 100K or More and search engine,social media linking.

How Trading Credit works ?

Trading credit for wholesale companies which want to buy large amount products with possible lowest capital and zero risk from Mediamarketus.com and www and you can subscribe for trading credit system from $100,000 to $1,000,000 million dollars with %1.5/3 SUBSCRIPTION fee  annual Only.

Credit Sale Sytem : Buyer and seller agree on credit sale system then subscribe for credit amount they need and they pay % 1.5/3 subscription fee which they required then they start buying and selling credit amount they subscribed from Mediamarketus.com or www anywhere in world.

Credit Buy Sytem : If buyer want to buy any products with credit he can subscribe credit amount he needed and start buying from Mediamarketus.com members or globally.

Note: Trading credit SUBSCRIPTION FEE Annual fee Final,non-negotiable,no-refundable !

If you need special advertisement service to bring more traffice to your website please email :sales@mediamarketus.com

Attn:%25 cancellation fee and restocking fee apply for any cancellation of orders or delivery.