How to sell

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Vendor Membership

Any company and Any Individual can sign up B2B ,B2C Account and sell or buy merchandise which they like globally

Premium members and big companies can sign up for Premium account and open  your online store and sell retail or bulk by Paypal,Credit Card or TT(bank transfer) globally.Please check membership types from following link

Expand your business:
By trading on, you can easily get to millions of buyers, expand your business in the online environment, and increase your revenue.

Buy and selling online at is risk free and secure with in-home Secure commerce system (IHSS). Sellers are always obliged to provide a valid cargo tracking number for the shipment. Your payment will only be transferred from in-home Secure commerce system (IHSS) PayPal,mediamarket checking account to the seller after you receive and approve the product. In case, the product is different than expected, you can send it back and get a refund from Secure in-home Secure commerce system (IHSS) accounts such as PayPal,mediamarket checking business. Note that at the end of your approval period which is 24 days, if you don’t do anything, the transaction will be automatically approved by the system given that there is a valid tracking number. Therefore you need to act within this period if you want to reject the transaction.

Seller Rating:
Once you finish the shopping, you can share your comments about the seller with other users, and rate the sellers. So, you can direct other buyers during shopping period via your comments and provide them some ideas.