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Media Market offer you permanent advertising campaigns in Google,yahoo,bing,baidu,aol or UAE,Hong Kong,Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Ireland, India, Australia and many other countries.

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Attn: Your banner advertisement may generate sales either globaly or in one of the language versions available in the top header area or top middle area,side bars or footer of the

The price per month display of Your banner on frontpage top header area is USD 299.00
The price per month display of Your banner on frontpage side bar area is USD 199.00
The price per month display of Your banner on frontpage footer area is USD 99.00


2 month (10% discount)
3 month (20% discount)
4 month (30% discount)
For over 4 month display, please ask for discount.

Terms of service:

The size of banner: 160X600 for desktop computer version and 300X300 (or 300X250) for mobile version. The banner is bought for both versions at the same time. In order for the advertisement to be activated, both versions must be provided.
The given price refers to the one month display of the banner, in one of the language versions of (see the list in the top right corner).
Media Market LLC is able to prepare the banner’s graphics and translate it’s content.
Media Market LLC reserves the right to reject the banner’s graphics and content without giving any reason or prior notice. In this case, we will refund the payment in full.

These are net prices, which are subject to VAT rate in line with EU,USA directive.
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