How to add products

After your signed up online store account you click on STORE MANAGER

it will divert you to store account dashboard

on dashboard there is “Product” and under product click on”Add New” link and add your product for sale.

As soon as click on “Add New” you will be diverted to product post link and then you ready to publish products you have for sale.

You can write subject,description,category,price and sales price,add images,

You can design Inventory :


Manage Stock?

Stock status

Sold Individually-Or Lot basis or bulk decide how many items per sale and choose your online payment gateway such as PayPal,Stripe,CC,TT etc.

You can add Shipping options:

Weight (g)

Dimensions (cm)

Shipping class

Processing Time


Tax Information if you sell locally:

Tax Status

Tax Class

Add atributes:


Linked Products:




Products Policy:

Policy Tab Label

Shipping Policy

Refund Policy

You can define vendor comission rate if other vendors sell your products dropshipping:

Commission For VENDOR

Commission Mode :RATE


Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy




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