Our services

Our services

We offer to value customers professional security and advertisement services

B2B corporate wholesale advertisement service,post,publish B2B wholesale products

B2C Corporate wholesale & online retail advertisement service by Paypal.

B2C Online store services,customer open online store and sell unlimited products by Paypal globally and under payment security programme.

Banner advertisement services:our members can show their company banners on frontpage,header are,sidebard,footer bars to attract more visitors and increase revenue.

Link advertisement service :can insert company website links under each post page and products page.Never miss any customers

Trading credit & Finance:
We offer to our community members finance for their bulk purchases such as Mike want to buy $100 000 Phones from Mediamarketus.com member ,seller and he has only $3000 cash or he do not want to tie up $100k for one product and if they subscribe for trading credit & finance service he can buy $100K phones as low as $3000 and then he can pay balance after he sold out and above all he do not need any warehouse and pay fee.

Inspection service: We provide inspection service to Mediamarketus.com members to check quality of products whether are they quality control pass or not.

Pick up Service: We can pick up any goods from ever corner of world with our logistic networks.

Escrow service:In case customer need escrow service we do for them and hold money and insecpt goods,quality control test then release money after buyer receipt products securely.

Agent Service: You can be our agent in your area and use our name,banner,logo and promote products and services and share comission with us.we grow you grow.