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Want to sell

Want to sell

Wts wts wts
Samsung non eu

*A025 3/32GB new model*
*A12 64GB blue white*
*A12 128GB blue Black*
*A11 2/32GB Red black black blue red*
*A11 3/32GB Black white*
*A51 128GB Black white*
*A013 A1 Core16GB Red blue Black*
*A21S 32GB Red Black Blue*
*A21S 64GB Blue Black white*
*A10S 32GB Red black blue*
*A10 32GB Full kit Blue*

Samsung eu

*A10 32GB Black Blue EU spec*

Xiaomi eu/global

*Redmi 9C 64GB Eu spec*
*Redmi Note 9S 4/64GB Eu spec*
*Redmi 9A 32GB Eu spec*
*Redmi 9 32GB Eu spec*
*Redmi Note 9 128GB EU spec*
*Realme C11 32GB EU spec*

Xiaomi india

*Redmi Note 9 128GB Indian*
*Redmi 9 64GB Indian*
*Redmi 9A 32GB Indian 2 pin EU charger*


*Airpods 2 wired ZM/A*



One thought on “Want to sell



can you send me pics,price,quantity and exact details
and your company details
we need such products

January 13, 2021 at 12:18 pm

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