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Terra State Community College Fremont, Ohio


Terra State Community College Fremont, Ohio. Terra State Community College is a two-year accredited, state-supported, residential college located in Fremont, Ohio.

Terra State has proudly served northwest Ohio as a leading educational institution for over 50 years.
We are accredited, state-supported and provide our community members with educational experiences
that are both accessible and affordable.

We pride ourselves in helping students reach their goals while staying true to the
community college mission of providing open access to higher education.

Classes for All Learners
Whether you want to take a single course or earn your associate degree, Terra State wants to help you create your future!

Graduates from Terra State
Degrees & Certificates
Earn your degree, certificate, or credits that transfer. Learn more about our academic offerings.
Allied Health, Nursing & Science
Liberal Arts & Business
Technology & Skilled Trades
Contract Training at The Kern Center
Professional and Workforce Development
Short-term or customized training allows you to keep up with today’s fast-paced world. Learn more about our non-credit offerings.
Workforce Training
Online Training
Truck Driving
Motorcycle Ohio
Health and Wellness Lifelong Learning Class
Community Education For All Ages
Continue to learn and grow no matter what your age. Learn more about our non-credit options for lifelong learners.
Community Education
Life Scholars
Music Academy

Creating your future is easy at Terra State! We are an open access college that wants all of our students to be successful and we take the extra steps to make sure you understand your best options.


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