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Top Things to Do in Shimla During Monsoon


Top Things to Do in Shimla During Monsoon

Shimla is a dream destination filled with adrenaline pumping adventures and activities and also calm and peaceful activities to enjoy nature. Shimla is always welcoming to its guests and visitors all around the year. Shimla not only boasts a wide variety of attractions and beautiful landscapes but also offers activities to keep the kid in you alive and joyful. This Monsoon, Shimla is all set to welcome you with a bang and enjoy its beautiful Monsoon weather with your friends and family. If you’re confused about what to do this Monsoon, here are the Top Things to Do in Shimla During Monsoon. 

  1. A relaxing walk around the pleasant and picturesque destination 
  2. A trekking trail to the top of various mountains Shimla is elegantly surrounded with.
  3. River rafting and getting yourself wet in the extreme water sports activity 
  4. Get on for a joyous and exciting toy train ride along the wonderful streets of Shimla
  5. Camping in the woods covered by lush green forest and beautiful mountains all around to feel connected to nature 
  6. Paragliding in Shimla to see its beautiful topography 
  7. Visiting all the famous and powerful temples around Shimla
  8. Get a beautiful view of the city and mountains from Monsoon Hill
  9. Witness the beautiful sunset from Scandal Point 
  10. Experience a game of golf at Naldhera.

To make all of these above experiences a success and a memorable experience of your lives, Aaroham resort helps you. They provide the most comfortable and luxury accommodation for you and your family to enjoy Shimla this Monsoon. 

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