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One of the fastest growing, dedicated server hosting companies in Germany .Since 2003, Internetdienste GmbH has developed from a small specialist hosting provider into a 75+ people strong international team that provides impeccable service to its more than 5000 business customers worldwide.
We’re specialists for dedicated server solutions and large-scale infrastructure deployments.

Since 2017, has been part of the GoDaddy™ group. We offer dedicated servers in 6 data center locations worldwide.
As specialists for highly flexible, scalable server solutions, offers all customers 24/7 support and reliable hosting services in state-of-the-art,
secure data centers.

Meet the team’s hosts over 25,000 servers in our data centers in Frankfurt (DE), Strasburg (FR), Phoenix (US), Miami (US), St. Louis (US), and Singapore (Asia).
This wouldn’t be possible without a highly motivated team that strives to make better,
every single day.

Telephone (Billing) +49 6181 3696181 Internetdienste GmbH Hessen-Homburg-Platz 1
63452 Hanau

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