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Velocity Legal – Specialist Law Firm .Velocity Legal are a specialist boutique law firm who deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.Family Asset Protection & Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements are the most effective means of asset protection when entering into a de facto relationship or marriage. Financial Agreements allow couples to opt out of the Court’s jurisdiction to deal with financial matters (either in part or wholly).Learn more.

Business Dispute Mediation
Mediation can be an excellent way of resolving a business dispute. We help you to strategically undertake mediation, with the intent of securing a swift and sensible outcome.Learn more.


Business Partner Disputes
Disputes between business partners can have devastating financial and legal consequences. We help you to navigate this challenging time in a methodical and strategic manner.Learn more.

Business Restructures
Want to change your business structure? There are often several ways. We can help assess and navigate the available options, and implement proposed restructures.Learn more.

Capital Raising & Finance
Raising funds can unlock business opportunities. However, the difference between a successful raise and an unsuccessful one can come down to small details. We help you to get it right so that your business can get to the next level.Learn more.

Child Support & Adult Maintenance
Child Support can be confusing and at times overwhelming to navigate. We can help you make informed decisions by assisting you with understanding how your child support is determined.Learn more.

Property & Commercial Leasing
Commercial Lease Disputes
Involved in a dispute relating to a commercial lease? We help you to assert your rights and take decisive action.Learn more.

Commercial Leases
There is little margin for error when it comes to commercial leases. Getting it wrong can cause irreparable damage. Getting it right can set you up for long-term success. We’re here to help.Learn more.

Complex Potential Dismissals
A poor performing or misbehaving employee can cause significant issues for employers. However, failure to adopt a methodical approach to their dismissal can make a bad situation even worse. Getting advice upfront on how to manage the dismissal strategically is the antidote.Learn more.

Contract Preparation & Review
A contract is the ultimate way of safeguarding yourself against risk. However, the devil is in the detail and a small handful of words (or an absence of those words) can create significant consequences. We will help you to protect what matters.Learn more.

Digital Asset Management
The digital age has brought a new set of challenges for estate planning. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you to manage your digital assets, ensuring that your online presence and digital wealth are appropriately managed and distributed according to your wishes.Learn more.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation
Disputes require decisive action. We provide strategic legal advice so that you can make the right decisions and move forward with confidence.Learn more.

Obtaining a Divorce Order is separate from a financial settlement; it is the official dissolution of your marriage. The process of an application for a Divorce Order can seem a daunting task. There are strict time limits for property settlements following a divorce, so it is important to seek specialist advice.Learn more.

Employment Disputes
Employment matters can rapidly turn from small issues into big ones. We provide strategic and methodical advice to help employers minimise their risk of irreparable damage.Learn more.

Estate Disputes and Will Challenges
Our team are Estate and Will dispute specialists. We can help you to understand your rights and options, allowing you to move forward with confidence.Learn more.

Estate Planning
Legacy should not be left to chance. We help you to safeguard your wealth and protect your wishes.Learn more.

Family & Relationship Law
Family law is an area which impacts most people, either directly or indirectly, at some stage in their lives. We are mindful of the emotional impact of family law matters and we deliver fully integrated practical solutions to our clients. We are focused on resolving issues in an empathetic, timely and commercial manner.Learn more.

Family Violence & Intervention Orders
Family violence is a very serious issue. A family violence order can help protect family violence victims and those who are at risk of family violence.Learn more.

Franchising is complex and heavily regulated. We will help you to avoid the legal traps.Learn more.

Guardianship and Capacity Disputes
Disputes can arise over whether a loved one has capacity to make decisions for themselves, and who (if anyone) should be empowered to make decisions on their behalf. Our specialist team can help you to navigate these sensitive issues in delicate manner.Learn more.

Parenting Arrangements
Negotiating children’s arrangements is often the most difficult and painful aspect of any separation. All matters relating to children require care and sensitivity. Our family lawyers strive to alleviate the stress these matters can cause by taking a considered, easy to understand and child-centred approach to help guide you through this process.Learn more.

Probate and Estate Administration
The death of a loved one can be a difficult time. It can be even more complicated with assets both in Australia and overseas or a blended or vulnerable beneficiaries. We help you to fulfill your duties as an executor or administrator in a timely, orderly and dignified manner. We assist you from the first step (understanding what is the Estate), through to obtaining the grant, to administering and then distributing the Estate.Learn more.

Property & Financial Matters (Married & De Facto)
Separating finances following separation can be complicated. We will help you understand the process and plan your financial future.Learn more.

Property & Real Estate Disputes
Property and real estate disputes are often high-stakes. We help you to navigate these disputes with confidence.Learn more.

Property Development
Property development can be lucrative if done correctly. However, there are an abundance of potential issues that can arise. Our team work tirelessly to protect your rights and safeguard the success of your project.Learn more.

Restraint of Trade
Restraints of trade are a complex and high-risk area of law. The wording of a restraint of trade clause can make or break a business or a career. The importance of getting it right cannot be overstated.Learn more.

Restructures & Redundancy
Downsizing? Upsizing? Transferring employees? Getting advice when making changes to your workforce can make the difference between seizing an opportunity now and creating a significant legal issue for the future.Learn more.

Shareholders Agreements & Unitholder Agreements
In business with others? Bringing in a new co-owner? Get an appropriate contract in place to protect the business and its owners. Otherwise, you may regret gambling on your ability to predict the future.Learn more.

Spousal Maintenance
Understanding your rights and entitlements to, or obligations to pay, spousal maintenance following separation is important.Learn more.

State Taxes
State taxes are prevalent. We help you to understand the tax landscape, reduce risk and move forward with certainty.Learn more.

Tax Advice
“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax.” (Albert Einstein). We advise on all complex tax issues concerning private businesses, family groups and high net-worth individuals.Learn more.

Tax Disputes
Facing a dispute with a tax authority? We help you to assert your rights, take decisive action and minimise the consequences.Learn more.

Tax Residency
Are you an Australian resident for tax purposes? You don’t need to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident to be considered a tax resident. We advise on tax residency and its implications for inbound and outbound individuals. Learn more.

Tax-Effective Estate Planning and Taxation of Deceased Estates
Tax-effective estate planning and the taxation of deceased estates (including testamentary trusts) can be complex. Our specialist team will help you to optimise after-tax outcomes and gain clarity on the tax implications so that you can make informed decisions.Learn more.

Transaction Structuring
About to do a significant transaction? Poor deal structuring can lead to a bigger than necessary tax bill. We help you to structure deals tax-effectively and avoid regret.Learn more.

Transactions (sale of business or assets)
Transactions can be exciting, but it can be easy to fall into legal traps. We help you to navigate the transaction and achieve the best possible commercial outcome.Learn more.

Trust Disputes and Advice
Involved in a trust dispute? We have one of the leading trust dispute teams in Australia. So, you have come to the right place. Learn more.

Trusts are commonly used as a vehicle for private family groups, businesses and investment purposes. We help you to realise the opportunities and navigate the risks.Learn more.

Unions & Enterprise Agreements
Dealing with unions is a delicate exercise. They are not ordinary counterparties. There are many practical considerations to be aware of that are commonly overlooked. We provide pragmatic and methodical guidance that will allow you to move forward with confidence.Learn more.

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